North Beach at Zephyr Cove Resort

North Beach at Zephyr Cove Resort

460 Hwy. 50
Zephyr Cove, Nevada 89448
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Local Phone: (775) 588-6644

Dogs aren't allowed on the beautiful, sandy beach at Zephyr Cove Resort, but you're welcome to take them to the rocky shore at the far north end. Bring water shoes or sandals; you'll need them for negotiating rocks and boulders. 

There is a parking fee (waived in winter). 

Note: Cabins at Zephyr Cove Resort also are dog-friendly, as is the resort campground across the road.

Please remember to pick up after your dogs.

Help us keep this beach beautiful:
• Always follow the posted rules
• Respect natural marine life and habitats
• Be aware of tides and currents
• Pack in and pack out, leaving only paw prints, dog friendy, beach, shore, tahoe, zephyr cove, rocky

Avery hits the beach running. <br/> Photo Credit: @Averysadventures
Avery hits the beach running.
Photo Credit: @Averysadventures
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