Rosie's Dog Salon

Rosie's Dog Salon

51 Cronin Dr.
Santa Clara, California 95051
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Local Phone: (408) 248-1110

Rosie's Dog Salon receives 4 stars on Yelp. See below for a few client reviews of this business:

" Rosie does an awesome job on furry Shetland Sheepdogs!!! A few months back I had seen a Shelty so well groomed that I asked the owner for the name of her groomer and she referred me to Rosie. I immediately loved the shop, plenty of parking and very dog-friendly and wonderful people. Wow! My Shelty never looked so beautiful, the fur so sleek and shiny! And he continues to look just as great for months after. It takes a great physical effort and attention to detail to groom a dog so well, with so much fur. It's tie to book another appointment and it will be a pleasure!" 

"I love Rosie's, she is just so hard to get an appointment with. Call well in advance."

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