Dog-friendly Sacramento RiverTrain

Sacramento RiverTrain

400 N. Harbor Blvd.
West Sacramento, California 95605
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Local Phone: (800) 866-1690

The Sacramento RiverTrain is a local, family-owned business dedicated to preserving a piece of Northern California history, and providing a wide variety of unique things to do for our community.

The rail line spans 14 miles from West Sacramento to Woodland, and at a leisurely 10 to 15 miles per hour, there's plenty of time for a cozy dinner, social wine or beer tasting event, or even an entertaining show.

• Up to five dogs are allowed on the Beer Train, Old Vine Express and RiverTrain Excursion. Dogs are only allowed in the open air cars.   

Wednesday rides the Skunk Train, Fort Bragg <br/> Photo Credit: @wandering_wednesday
Wednesday rides the Skunk Train, Fort Bragg
Photo Credit: @wandering_wednesday
The chug-chug and urgent whistle call of an approaching train is always exciting, especially when a vintage steam engine leads the charge. How can you hear it and see it and not want to be on it? Several family-friendly excursion trains in California welcome dogs as well as parents, grandparents and youngsters aboard. Here’s a rundown. more »
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