Desert Region

Desert Region

Maggie in the desert. Photo by Greater Palm Springs.

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Traveling with your dog in the California deserts

A canine companion rests peacefully on a picturesque desert trail in the expansive Californian wilderness. The landscape is adorned with arid, golden grasses and sturdy shrubs, all under an unbroken azure sky. Majestic mountains rise subtly from the distant horizon, lending an aesthetic touch to this photogenic vista. Framing this serene scene is a grand yucca plant flourishing against all odds in the rugged terrain behind our furry friend.

Embark on a canine adventure through the California deserts! From Death Valley's awe-inspiring vistas to Anza-Borrego's rugged trails, explore the raw beauty of the desert landscapes while creating unforgettable memories...

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Explore California deserts with your pup!

Two dogs sit in the California desert with Joshua Trees and hill in the background.

Spring is the perfect time to plan an adventure through California's awe-inspiring deserts! Discover pet-friendly accommodations and endless

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Dog-friendly hikes in Greater Palm Springs

Child walking a dog on a trail in the California Desert.

The California Desert Region is the ultimate playground for hiking enthusiasts and their furry friends, and these dog-friendly hikes are a

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Wagging through the California deserts: Pet-friendly accommodations

Happy dog sits in California desert.

Exploring the vast and diverse landscapes of California's deserts offers a unique adventure for travelers seeking solitude, beauty, and a

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Embark on a paw-some adventure in Greater Palm Springs

City of Indian Wells. Photo by Visit Greater Palm Springs.

It’s a dog’s world in Greater Palm Springs, and we’re just living in it! From sipping craft beers at local breweries to

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Pawsitively perfect patios of pooches

patio at Pink Cabana in Palm Springs

Dine al fresco with your pup at these dog-friendly restaurants. From lush gardens to exclusive dog menus, you and your

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Dog-friendly hikes

Two women hiking with a dog in Greater Palm Springs

Discover beautiful Greater Palm Springs trails on these dog-friendly hikes. Pack water, grab treats, and get ready to check out

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Top dog-friendly breweries

dog at table on outdoor patio in Palm Springs

Raise a glass (and a paw) to good times with your four-legged companion. Here are some of our favorite restaurants and breweries

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Perfect dog-friendly patios in Greater Palm Springs

Dog and people at Boozehounds

Welcome to the ultimate guide for dog lovers in Greater Palm Springs! As a dedicated pup parent, you’re always looking for the ideal spot to soak up some sunshine with your...

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A sunny pup-cation in Greater Palm Springs

people walk in front of Boozehounds with dog on leash

With endless blue skies, awe-inspiring mountains, sparkling pools, and swaying palm trees in all directions, it’s hard to imagine a

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Pups, plates and patios

group of people at outdoor table looking at a dog with paws up on the end of the table at Boozehounds in Palm Springs.

In Greater Palm Springs, entire menus are created with canines in mind. Pups can order everything from egg bites and teriyaki

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Sunset’s annual travel awards spotlight four-paw cities in California

group of dogs sit on summit of a mountain with the city of Oakland behind

DogTrekker team members are big fans of Sunset, the iconic publication that’s celebrating 125 years in 2023. The California-based magazine recently announced its Sunset Travel Awards, including several must-visit standouts...

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Greater Palm Springs

group of people at outdoor table looking at a dog with paws up on the end of the table at Boozehounds in Palm Springs.

Southern California’s most storied resort oasis is a sun-splashed playground known for history, scenery and exciting adventures.

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Enjoying the California desert with your dog

Brown and white dog in close up photography

Taking a trip to the desert can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Before you embark on your adventure, here are some important tips for enjoying the California desert with...

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Find your oasis in dog-friendly Greater Palm Springs

woman with dog on lap sitting on bone shaped bench

If your vision of a perfect dog-friendly Palm Springs region vacation includes endless blue skies, awe-inspiring mountains, sparkling pools, swaying palm trees, and lots of tail-wagging fun in the sun,...

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Hiking around Greater Palm Springs

Two petite pups pose majestically on a large boulder, silhouetted against the radiant hues of a setting sun. Enjoy this perfect photo opportunity with your furry friends as you end the day in grandeur. - Dogtrekker

If you and your dog are the outdoorsy types, you’ll find plenty of trails to enjoy in Greater Palm Springs.

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Doggone fabulous in Greater Palm Springs (video)

Dog and person in Greater Palm springs video

If you're planning a trip to Greater Palm Springs, you should know this destination is one of the dog-friendliest in California.

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Soak up spring in Greater Palm Springs

mountains reflected in mirror-like lake

Spring is officially here, and there's no better time to plan a getaway to Greater Palm Springs. This Southern California oasis offers a blissful, sun-kissed escape, and you'll find plenty...

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Enjoy the great outdoors in Greater Palm Springs

Dog and person outside in Greater Palm Springs

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more (with your four-legged best friend in tow), then start planning a getaway to Greater Palm Springs. With more than...

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Desert hiking safety tips

husky dog sits in desert with cacti in background

Before heading out on your next adventure with your dog, check the basics of dog desert safety. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, many Greater Palm Spring...

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Homestead Trail (The Cross Hike), Palm Desert

Dog on the Homestead Trail in Palm Desert

The Homestead Trail that snakes up the side of Shadow Mountain to a giant illuminated cross is thought to be a spiritual trek for some, as well as a quiet spot...

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Mission Creek Preserve, Desert Hot Springs

Dog at the desert near Mission Creek Preserve

Mission Creek Preserve is a dog-friendly paradise, with plenty of hiking trails perfect for both you and your four-legged companion.

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Hit the trail

Dog walking with 2 people on a trail

When you and Duke want a dose of adventure, head out on one of the dog-friendly trails in Greater Palm Springs.

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Snoozing and Specials

Dog on rug at hotel

In Greater Palm Springs, you’ll find plenty of options to accommodate your four-legged friend. At many hotels, expect to see your pooch pampered with a plethora of fantastic perks—from snuggly...

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Go retro in a dog-friendly airstream trailer

Airstream trailer with blue awning surrounded by palm trees

Retro is all the rage these days, and what could be more mid-century stylish than an overnight stay in one of those sleek aluminum Airstream trailers updated for today’s DogTrekkers?

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In GPS, Five Pet-Friendly Hotels Are Raising the Bar

Dog on dog bed in Greater Palm Springs hotel

A winter visit to Greater Palm Springs is more than a change of scenery: it’s a change of mind—for your four-legged buddy as well as for you. Your visit will...

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Hotel Paseo, Palm Desert

Hotel Paseo, Palm Desert

This three story, 150-room addition to Marriott’s Autograph Collection opens in March just steps from El Paseo, the “Rodeo Drive” of the desert. It’s the first luxury hotel for the...

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Kimpton The Rowan Palm Springs Hotel

Miso at The Rowan Palm Springs Photo Credit: @misotheshocker Boutique is sweet, especially when it’s a Kimpton. This new, 154-room, six-story property is the first full-service hotel to be built downtown...

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Moseying around the Mojave

2 beagles sit in front of the entrance sign at Mohave National Preserve.

The name sounds intimidating, and the 1.6 million-acre Mojave National Preserve in San Bernardino County can certainly be that.

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For dogs, the desert is dessert

view of desert mountains and palm trees

On a crisp fall or winter day in the desert, crystal-clear air is a tonic for the soul. It’s the perfect time of year to hike or camp, and the...

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The California Desert Region

Dog on a trail in the California desert region

The Greater Palm Springs area, cutting through five counties and encompassing millions of acres of protected lands, is the perfect place to begin exploring the much larger Desert Regions of California....

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Pamper Your Pooch

Black dog getting belly rub

Not only can dogs dine with their owners and enjoy their very own doggy spa days in Greater Palm Springs, they have plenty of shopping opportunities, too. From gourmet dog...

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Tips for visiting the desert with your dog

husky dog sits in desert with cacti in background

While winter temperatures in Southern California deserts are mild, heat can still build up fast inside a car.

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Let The Dogs Out

Several dogs together in a row on the grass

Whether you stand on two legs or four, there’s no better way to enjoy your time in Greater Palm Springs than by going outside to soak up the sunshine and...

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Perfect Patios For Pooches

Sheepdog on big patio

Greater Palm Springs is head over heels in puppy love with our furry pals—especially when it comes to pet-friendly patio restaurants. From lush gardens to establishments with exclusive dog menus,...

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A Doggone Good Vacation

Dog with sunglasses on blue background

Whether you need time to chill or simply relax under the sun, you don’t have to leave your four-legged friend behind on a getaway to Greater Palm Springs. The Coachella...

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Dog-passionate Oasis

Dog and people in Palm Springs

Greater Palm Springs has always been one of the most dog-friendly destinations on the planet. They recently celebrated National Dog Day with this cool video.  We agree with them that...

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Get Local

Dog paw latte art

Greater Palm Springs offers plenty of ways to make your next trip a getaway you and your pup won’t soon forget. Jumpstart the day with a massage or reflexology session—for...

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Chow Down

Dog eating off a white plate

When it comes to dining in Greater Palm Springs, you’ll rarely have to wonder whether Kayla is welcome or not. After all, it’s nearly impossible to find a restaurant that...

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Sit, Stay

Dog sitting on a bar stool chair

Greater Palm Springs is all about staying in style—and why should your dog settle for anything less? Here, hotels take the term “dog-friendly” to the next level with amenities ranging...

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Rovering around in Palm Springs

Dog at Palm Springs aerial tramway

Lookin' fly at the Palm Springs Arial Tramway. CC A. Aguirregabiria Blue sky, purple mountains, turquoise pools, nodding palms and lots and lots of sunshine make Palm Springs a winter...

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Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego

Joshua Tree National Park

As at most national parks, regulations at Joshua Tree prohibit dogs from accompanying you on trails—but not from driving through to admire the scenery or enjoy a picnic at a...

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