Dog-friendly Healdsburg


World class shopping, art and sculpture, locally grown produce and artisanal breads, award-winning wines and cheeses, intimate inns, even a doggie boutique make up this charming, extremely dog-friendly town snuggled in nicely among the vines of northern Sonoma County.
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Russian River Runners

Photo Credit: @romeo_d_gold
Photo Credit: @romeo_d_gold

The unhurried stretch of the Russian River downstream from the Sonoma County town of Healdsburg is a DogTrekker’s delight, especially when you’re floating along in a dog-friendly, custom-made SOAR canoe from Russian River Adventuresmore »

Down A Lazy River With Rover

Ready for the River. Photo Credit: @zeus.and.koga
Ready for the River. Photo Credit: @zeus.and.koga

Ever skipped an otherwise great outing because your dog couldn’t come along? We all have—and sometimes, it’s because we just didn’t know our options. Here’s one that should be on every DogTrekker’s bucket list: floating with your pup on the Russian River in an inflatable canoe specifically designed to accommodate canines.

Russian River Adventures outfits this adventure for hundreds of DogTrekkers each summer using super-stable SOAR canoes that let all of you travel comfortably on an 8.5-mile stretch of the Russian River out of Healdsburg in Sonoma County. more »

The Healing Powers of Healdsburg

Ziggy in Healdsburg. Photo Credit: @rocky_romero
Ziggy in Healdsburg. Photo Credit: @rocky_romero

What’s your pleasure? Cozy inns and memorable meals? Pre-holiday shopping? Wine tasting? You’ll find them all in Healdsburg, a charming and walkable town built around a plaza at the heart of the Russian River Valley. Scores of wineries are within easy striking distance of Healdsburg, but there are so many dog-friendly restaurants and tasting rooms in town (we’re partial to canine-welcoming Topel and Portalupi right on the square) that you might not even get into your vehicle until it’s time to go home. more »

Go With the Rivers’ Flow

Captain of the canoe! <br/>Photo Credit: @siroliversworld
Captain of the canoe!
Photo Credit: @siroliversworld

Your dog may not be able to paddle her own canoe, but you’ll have a blast paddling for her with an assist from an outfitter who knows how to help water-loving canines and their people have fun. Among our favorite DogTrekker activities is paddling a languidly flowing, 8.5-mile stretch of the Russian River around the dog-friendly, wine-centric town of Healdsburg in Sonoma Countymore »

Running the Russian River with Rover

Russian River Adventures has kicked off its 2016 season of dog-friendly float trips out of Healdsburg in Sonoma County. With plenty of water this year to navigate the secluded, 9-mile stretch from town to Wohler Bridge, the entire family can enjoy the Russian River with your pup serving as first mate. more »

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