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The GGNRA is at it AGAIN!

Not Just in Marin County
Not Just in Marin County
From Marin Dog:

Take Action to Stop the 2019 Superintendent’s Compendium!

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area recently released a Superintendent’s Compendium that attempts to implement parts of the withdrawn Dog Management Plan—but without a public process.  If the National Park Service gets its way, there will be new restrictions in Marin County, right in the middle of our most popular off-leash areas.

These changes are unnecessary, unjustified and almost impossible to enforce. This also impacts GGNRA lands in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. DogTrekker asks that you continue reading to better understand this new approach and what you can do to once again stop this craziness. more »

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Stanford Inn

Time for a Dog-Friendly Getaway on the Mendocino Coast

Looking for an awesome, pawsome family getaway destination? The Stanford Inn Historic Farm and Eco-Resort in gorgeous Mendocino County has it all, from ocean views and an organic farm to a slew of activity options. So bring the kids, bring the pups and let this coastal haven work its magic.

Dog-Passionate From the Get-Go

Dog-Passionate From the Get-Go

Stanford Inn by the Sea has been welcoming pets for almost 40 years—it was, in fact, one of the first B&Bs in California to do so. Innkeepers Joan and Jeff Stanford know that four-legged family members deserve care and attention, and they cater to canines accordingly. In pet-friendly guest rooms, water and food bowls are provided along with pick-up bags, house-made organic treats and covers to protect furniture and bedding. more »

Dogs Chill While You Dine at The Ravens

Dining at The Ravens
Dining at The Ravens

Stanford Inn is a standout in the dog-friendly world not simply because it was one of the first in California to roll out the red carpet for pets. It was also one of the first to adopt sustainable practices, helping to kick off the “green” revolution that resonates today. And it might just be the only vegan resort in the nation. If you’re an omnivore, don’t be put off, be adventurous! What you’ll sample at The Ravens, the inn’s acclaimed restaurant, will turn your head and your mind. It starts with a cooked-to-order, plant-based breakfast (included in the rates). more »

Pant, Paddle, Pedal With Your Pup

Pant, Paddle, Pedal With Your Pup

There’s something magical about the Big River estuary alongside the Stanford Inn, and something ingenious about the “canine cruiser” that transports two-and four-legged visitors downstream on an ultra-stable platform. That said, you won’t find a more eclectic collection of canoes and kayaks than at Catch a Canoe, which shares ground with the inn and has been outfitting paddlers on the 8.3-mile-long Big River estuary since 1972. Well-behaved dogs of all makes and models are welcome to ride along and enjoy the scenery in surrounding Big River State Park.
 more »

Fall Special

Fall Special

Autumn in Mendocino is one of the best-kept secrets by locals and there’s a good reason why. Beautiful days, cool nights and a lot of dog-friendly activities at your pup’s bark and call. Where to stay, that’s easy, the Stanford Inn by the Sea, now offering fall rates at up to a 20% discount. Booking direct using your AAA or AARP card or calling direct at (707) 937-5615 will provide you with the best rates on the internet. more »

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By Dr. Jeannine Berger, SF SPCA Veterinarian & Behavior Specialist

After giving us a lifetime of unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty, dogs carry only one fault. And that one fault is that they just don’t live as long as we often hope. So, after receiving a lifetime of beauty and selflessness, how do we honor them in their darkest hour? In fact, one of the most compassionate actions we can take is knowing how and when to give them a kind, gentle death. And as bittersweet as the choice may be, planning ahead and being prepared for a pet’s euthanasia often helps make it a very compassionate decision. more »

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