A Mammoth Adventure!

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog taking a walk Mammoth

Stacy D. and her sweet pup, Ginger, recently explored some of California's most stunning landscapes. Here's what Stacy had to say about their adventure:

Convict Lake trail

Two weeks ago, the pup and I headed to the Mammoth Lakes area; what a wonderful experience!

We cruised over the Tioga Pass and made a few stops in Yosemite before getting to our destination.

Over our extended weekend we visited Bodie State Park, Mono Lake South Tufa, Parker Lake, Convict Lake, Rock Creek Lake and many of the other lake areas accessible on the Lakes Basin Path.

Bodie State Historic Park
Relaxing after a big hike at Bodie State Historic Park.
Photo Credit: Stacy D.

We stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge which was a perfect for a little peace and quiet before heading off on our daily adventures!

Edelweiss Lodge
Cozy at Edelweiss Lodge. Photo Credit: Stacy D.

Thank you, Stacy D., for sharing your adventures with us. 

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