Wednesday Woofable: Charity Miles

By: DogTrekker Staff

Sometimes when I'm running, or hiking with my pup I start to think of the amount of time I spend doing these activities and, while they make me personally feel good, what are they doing for the betterment of society? I know, deep questions for a Wednesday. Luckily today's Wednesday Woofable has an answer for my conundrum, Charity Miles a free app for iPhone and Android let's you raise money while stretching your two legs and Fido's four.

charity miles screen shot

This app is ingenious! It allows you to do good for you, your four-legged pal and charity's who desperately need your help. It's a no brainer and super easy to get started. To begin download the free app from the Google Play or iTunes store and sign up for an account. You can choose the charity you want to support and the activity you are going to do. The app will then track your mileage either running, walking or biking and donate $0.25 per mile for running/walking and $0.10 per mile for biking up to $100,000.  When you are finished Charity Miles calculates the amount you've earned, let's you accept the sponsorship and spread the word via social media channels. 

Really the only question left is why haven't you downloaded Charity Miles? Download today and get moving!

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