Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue 2014

By: DogTrekker Staff

BAGSR LogoRemember Travis, the German shepherd who found himself abandoned in a taxi, from our recent profile on Petaluma Animal Services? We're happy to report that after a relaxing, rustic stay in his foster home, which came about after PAS reached out to Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue, Travis is now in his forever home.

Coming to this sweet guy's rescue was all in a day's work for BAGSR, the all-volunteer group that works hard to provide Northern California's German shepherds in need with a safe place to land. Then, once the dogs are settled in foster care, the rescue folks get to know them, and figure out where they'll fit in best. So whether you're looking for a Level 1 dog (a well-behaved, easygoing companion) or someone a bit more challenging (like a Level 4 bouncy puppy or a Level 5 working dog, with a lot of drive and energy), there's a simpatico shepherd waiting for you here.


Beautiful dog sleeping

Fawn here seems to have been scared and starved before landing in rescue, but she's gained both weight and confidence since her arrival. At age 6, she's mature and sensible, learns quickly, and gets along well with the people and dogs in her foster home. She's great with children. A gentle, sweet soul, she'd like a quiet home where she'll get plenty of love and attention.