Humane Society Silicon Valley 2017

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog at Human Society Silicon Valley event

It's official: Humane Society Silicon Valley is a model shelter. So says the Koret Shelter Medicine Program of the University of California at Davis, which announced in October that HSSV achieved model shelter status by demonstrating and documenting that it meets all 543 “must, should and ideal” standards set forth by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV). In fact, HSSV is the first shelter ever to achieve this milestone.

The ASV created these standards to ensure that shelters provide the animals in their care with the Five Freedoms:

• Freedom from Hunger and Thirst: All animals have ready access to fresh water and appropriate diet to maintain health and vigor.

• Freedom from Discomfort: All animals have an appropriate environment to reside in, including shelter and a comfortable resting area.

• Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease: Preventative care and rapid diagnosis and treatment are made readily available.

• Freedom to Express Normal Behavior: Animals are given sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of animals of their own kind.

• Freedom from Fear and Distress: Conditions and treatment are ensured to prevent mental suffering.

As Dr. Kate Hurley of the Koret Shelter Medicine Program explained, the ASV  "crafted the guidelines in the unshakable belief that providing great care would amplify lifesaving in animal shelters. We needed a shelter to show not only that the standards exist as a model, but that they can actually be accomplished and maintained. Words can’t explain how it feels to see our vision in action at HSSV.”

Currently enjoying HSSV’s hospitality is little Duck, an elderly Chi gentleman who seeks a cushy retirement home. Leisurely walks. Lap time. Bonding. If Duck sounds like the companion for your own low-key lifestyle, call (408) 262-2133 ext 167 to set up a meeting! 

Photo: Duck – Humane Society Silicon Valley


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