BONES animal rescue

By: DogTrekker Staff
Rescue dog for adoption

BONES (Better Options for Neglected Strays) in Covelo was started by a dedicated group of volunteers in rural Mendocino County who realized that between the area’s economic issues and its isolation from animal services, critters in need were often in dire straits. They set about rescuing local pets and farm animals, and were soon so successful that they were able to start taking in some from other areas as well, not to mention launching a highly effective spay/neuter program.

BONES is committed to all the animals it takes in, “adoptable” or not. While many dogs and cats in its care, in foster homes or at the rescue’s sanctuary, are probably short-term guests while awaiting their forever homes, some senior or special-needs pets are likely to be permanent residents. That includes the abandoned mother pig and her babies who now live at the sanctuary in safety instead of being sent to slaughter.  And all adoptees have a permanent place to land back at the rescue should they ever need it.


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