Contra Costa Humane Society 2019

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog at the Contra Costa Humane Society

Piper's still practically a puppy at 9 months old, and now that she's safe and sound in a foster home with the good folks at Contra Costa Humane Society, she's feeling a good deal more secure about things and seeks a home of her own where she can really settle in. Ideally, a home with another dog who's confident and friendly so she can learn by example, because somewhere along the line in her earlier life things were scary. It's left her a bit afraid of men, though kind, patient guys win her over. While little (about 25 pounds) Piper might be a bit shy at first meeting, she loves women and kids in particular, and once she's decided you're OK you've pretty much got a lap dog for life. She also loves hanging out with other dogs. Good with cats, too!

Training probably wasn't a big part of her previous life, so she's taking advantage of her current opportunities to work on those important social and obedience skills. She'll be very happy to continue her learning and bonding experiences in her new home. If she sounds like a great addition to your pack, get in touch to schedule a meet and greet!

CCHS, a small, independent humane society formed in 1991 by the merger of two local animal welfare groups, has been hard at work ever since helping the county's critters in need and building up a strong network of volunteers and community support. Their work has also been supported by Maddie's Fund as part of that group's ongoing effort to achieve a no-kill nation.

All of which is good news for dogs like Piper whose lives may have taken a bit of a wrong turn, but now get a chance for it all to be great again.

Photo: Piper – Contra Costa Humane Society


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