Bolinas Beach

Bolinas Beach

This legally leash-free beach can be hard to find, as residents of Bolinas do not openly court visitors and regularly remove road signs.

Follow Olema Bolinas Road until it dead ends to wind up at the calm-water beach protected by a sand bar.

Fishing and camping are allowed, and dogs are always welcome. Lay down a blanket, bring a lunch and watch the surfers ride the waves.

Please remember to clean up after yourself and your pets to help keep this beach beautiful and dog-friendly.

Take curvy Highway 1 north to Stinson Beach, drive straight through town and follow Highway 1 along the lagoon. Take the first left turn after the lagoon end. This is probably an unmarked turn (locals have taken down the “Bolinas 2 Miles” sign), so keep your eyes open. You will reach a T and turn left  onto Olema Bolinas Road. Follow it to the beach.

Help us keep this beach beautiful and dog-friendly:
Always follow the posted rules
Respect natural marine life and habitats
Be aware of tides and currents
Pack in and pack out, leaving only paw prints