Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is a 2,650-mile footpath stretching from Mexico to Canada and traversing the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

The trail is open to hikers and equestrians only; no bicycles or motorized vehicles are allowed.

Dogs are permitted on all sections of the trail except in national parks, but travelers with canines should respect the fact that in places where the trail passes through private property the easement may be only a few yards wide.

Leashes are optional for dogs trained to come when called and not chase livestock or wildlife interfere with equestrians.

Each year more than 1,000 people set out to hike the trail from end to end; fewer than 200 finish.

Many portions of the trail especially around Lake Tahoe, are popular with day-hikers. Keep in mind that any thru-hikers encountered will appreciate refreshments!

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