Rathburn Creek Trail

Rathburn Creek Trail

The Rathbun Creek Trail in Big Bear Lake offers a serene and accessible outdoor experience. This flat, paved dog-friendly path is ideal for strollers and wheelchairs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of mobility, can enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The trail runs along Moonridge Road and Rathbun Creek, providing a picturesque backdrop for a great walk.

Starting from the Elm Street parking lot, visitors have two main options. One route heads southeast, up Moonridge Road, leading to the Big Bear Zoo. This path offers a scenic journey, passing through areas where you can immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna. The trail then loops along the newly completed Sonoma Drive portion, adding more to the scenic variety.

Alternatively, for those seeking a shorter route, heading north along the Rathbun Creek walkway offers a different perspective. This path winds up behind the Sizzler on the boulevard, offering a more condensed yet equally enjoyable experience of the area’s natural beauty.

Throughout the trail, visitors can expect to see a variety of local vegetation and, depending on the season, a range of wildlife. The proximity to Rathbun Creek adds a tranquil water element to the journey, enhancing the overall peacefulness of the trail. The trail’s integration with the local environment makes it not just a pathway for travel but a destination in itself, inviting visitors to slow down and appreciate the serene surroundings of Big Bear Lake

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