Show your Care For Big Bear

By: Shannon Brooks
Care for Big Bear banner

The Big Bear community is passionate about protecting and preserving their natural resources for the benefit of today’s travelers and future generations. That’s why they launched the Care For Big Bear initiative to educate and engage visitors in local efforts to foster sustainability and to keep nature wild—and litter-free. Join the movement by taking a few simple steps to be a responsible DogTrekker.

Want to show your Care For Big Bear? Start by enjoying nature responsibly and following the six Leave Only Paw Prints values. Respect wildlife and always keep a trash bag handy so you can pick up any litter you encounter on the trails or lakeshore.

Of course, pick up after your pup and dispose of any waste at designated dumpster sites located at the Cougar Crest and Woodland trailheads and Aspen Glen and Juniper Point picnic areas. If you’re staying in a vacation rental, you’ll need to drop your trash off on your way out of town at one of the two Clean Bear Sites

Go above and beyond by volunteering at a community clean up or conservation program. Other ways to lessen your impact and be a positive force are traveling midweek to help reduce the volume of cars on the road during busier weekend periods.

If your accommodations are close enough, consider walking to The Village instead of driving. Shop small and support local businesses with your patronage. 


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