Dog Samaritans at Westin Mission Hills

By: DogTrekker Staff
2 dog samaritans holding 2 dogs at Westin Mission Hills

Since 1978, Animal Samaritans has been nurturing the human-animal connection in the Coachella Valley. Their network of community support has allowed the Samaritans to provide a no-kill shelter in Thousand Palms, as well as a veterinary clinic, humane education, and more. So far their Animal Adoption Rescue Program has saved over 15,000 pets, and that’s just the start.

Being located in a popular travel destination area, Animal Samaritans soon discovered that out-of-town visitors were stopping by the shelter, meeting a dog, falling in love, and taking home a new family member.

Then things got even better four years ago, as the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage launched the Dog Samaritans Adoption Project. An adoptable dog from Animal Samaritans hangs out in a little mini-hotel doghouse near the Westin’s front desk. It’s good for the guests missing their own dogs, who get to spend some quality time snuggling or walking the adoption candidates around the property. It’s good attention for the dogs, and also great for their socialization.

And…so far, thanks to the project, 143 dogs made a connection with people who couldn’t live without them. And when the people went home, so did the dog. They’re living happily ever after across the US these days, not to mention a few new canine Canadians as well. Every August, the hotel hosts a reunion.

So if your travels take you to Rancho Mirage, and for some reason you are dog-deprived, head to the Westin Mission Hills. Someone’s waiting for you.


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