Get outdoors with your California pup today!

By: Roger Coryell
Dog with frisbee

Let’s get out there and enjoy the fresh air with our furry best friends! Exploring the great outdoors is an amazing experience that both people and pups love, and having access to outdoor recreational spaces can be incredibly beneficial for both. Exercise helps dogs stay physically fit, while mental stimulation provides important socialization opportunities. Plus, being out in nature can help reduce stress and improve your and your pup’s overall well-being.

Before heading out to national parks or other outdoor areas, it’s important to remember that certain rules are in place when bringing dogs into public places. Respect those regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone. Obey leash laws at all times and never ignore “No Dogs Allowed” signs, as this can be disruptive or dangerous to wildlife. Also, always clean up after your pup quickly no matter what type of trail you’re on – it’s the responsible thing to do!

Advocating for greater access to outdoor recreational space is vital. That means more than just asking permission to let leashed pups join us in nature – it also means protecting wildlands responsibly and educating ourselves on how best humans and dogs should interact with wildlife. A great resource for this is, a website that provides comprehensive information about the proper management of public lands and how to protect wildlife.

So, let’s get out there and have an incredible time with our pups! We can do it responsibly and respectfully – for the sake of all outdoor lovers. After all, being an advocate starts from within our own communities first! Have fun, be safe, and Leave Only Paw Prints! 🙂


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