Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue Vets Save Cali

By: DogTrekker Staff
Black lab from Monterey Bay Lab Retriever rescue

From: Judy Kreger, Founder & CEO, Donate Here!
Monterey Bay Lab Rescue is continuing to take in Labs and Lab mixes that need rescue, virus or no virus. Our great fosters are always ready and willing to open their homes and their hearts to welcome in any Lab in need. And our vet continues to provide full vet care for all of our rescues including any surgeries they might require.  
One of our recent rescues, sweet Cali (age 8), came to us when her owner passed away. It was thought that she was pregnant because of her distended belly, but it turned out she had badly infected polycystic ovaries that required immediate surgery. She wouldn’t have made it much longer if we hadn’t taken her in. Surgery was touch and go, and Cali required transfusions to pull her through, but thankfully, she made it.  
Once she fully recovered in her foster home, Cali was adopted by a fabulous retired woman. Cali now helps her new mom with her gardening and loves her trips to the beach. She’s a gem of a girl! Monterey Bay Lab Rescue is completely funded by donations and 100% of our donations are spent on our rescues, mostly for vet bills. It’s our privilege to help dogs like Cali find wonderful loving homes and we’re so grateful to our donors. Donate here.


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