Lepto, Lyme and other hazards

By: DogTrekker Staff

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– Any dog that’s out and about has the potential to be exposed to Leptospirosis when swimming or drinking in ponds, streams or puddles. It’s transmissible to humans, and if left untreated can cause death from kidney failure. 

– You took your dog out for a fabulous hike and now he’s squinting at you with one eye. Nope, he hasn’t learned the cool trick of winking at you. He probably has something in his eye. Here’s what you should do about it.

– Lyme disease was once thought to be confined to the East Coast, but in the past several years has become increasingly prominent in the West. Both dogs and humans can get it. Here’s how to protect your pet.

– Love to go fishing? Your dog probably loves to go with you. That’s fine and dandy, but please don’t throw him a chunk of salmon or let him investigate a dead one on the shore. Salmon poisoning, caused by an organism that imbeds in a fish’s tissue, can take a week to show up, and if left untreated can turn deadly.

– Poison oak is a fact of life in Northern California, and you don’t have to rub up against it to develop a blistering rash: your dog can do the rubbing-up for you. Here’s how to avoid it—and how to treat it if it sneaks up on you.

– California’s seven species of rattlesnakes are inherently shy critters that will get out of your (and Rowdy’s) way if they sense your approach. Problem is, snakes strike when provoked, and curious dogs won’t hesitate to investigate that deliciously tempting smell in the brush pile alongside your hiking path. Learn how both of you can become snake-wise.

– Skunks are common in Northern California, and you don’t want to get in their path. Learn what to do if you or your dog is sprayed with icky, oily eau de Mephitis mephitis.


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