Mammoth Lakes is the ultimate pup-cation

By: Roger Coryell
Woman and dog at waterfall
Photo by Visit Mammoth.

You know that awesome spinning in circles routine your pup does before going on walks or getting a treat? It’s going to happen a lot in Mammoth Lakes.

Between all the dog-friendly hiking trails and activities — not to mention all the dog-loving people, accommodations, and establishments — your best pal can live its best life year-round in Mammoth Lakes. 

Everything your dog (and you) could want

If you think Mammoth Lakes is unreal, just imagine what your dog thinks. Every time you hear a bark, it translates to “no way,” because everywhere you turn there’s a new adventure waiting. Countless trails for hiking and walking, crystal clear mountain lakes for swimming (or dog paddling), and sticks — so, so many sticks for fetching. Whether you’re on two legs or four, there’s a reason we say Mammoth Lakes is No Small Adventure. 

Dog Swimming
Photo by Visit Mammoth.

Check the interactive map to begin exploring some off-the-beaten-path adventures in and around Mammoth Lakes for you and your furry friend.

Summer in the mountains

Got an itch to get outdoors this summer? Go ahead and scratch it. Maybe behind the ear, or under the chin just above the collar. Mammoth Lakes is people-friendly, adventure-friendly, and always dog-friendly, especially in the summer. And nothing beats summer in the mountains. So get out on the lakes or have a thrilling wilderness camping trip. Go for a mountain bike ride or do some peaceful fly fishing. The epic summer activities and beautiful scenery won’t disappoint, and if you’re lucky, they may just wear your pup out. 

Photo by Visit Mammoth.

Getting to Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes may be tucked away in the Eastern Sierra, but it’s surprisingly accessible. Highway 395 offers a stunning scenic drive if you choose to travel by car. And your dog will love hanging its head out the window on this awesome road trip. 

Photo by Visit Mammoth.

Flying to Mammoth Lakes is also easy and affordable, with many connecting cities. Advanced Airlines offers the ability to travel with one pet free of charge. Small dogs must be in a soft-sided crate, but larger dogs up to 30 pounds simply need to be on a quick-release leash or have a seat purchased for them. 

Photo by Visit Mammoth.

Mammoth Lakes stewardship and you

We can’t wait for you and your dog to visit Mammoth Lakes, and we encourage you to help us protect this majestic land for future people and pups to enjoy. Follow responsible tourism practices so we can continue to keep Mammoth Lakes as awe-inspiring as it’s been for more than 55,000 years. Sign the Mammoth Lakes Promise to be a steward of our land and ensure that everyone can experience its beauty and wonder for years to come. And please, don’t forget to pick up after your dog, whether in the city, on the trails, or in the wilderness.

Leave Only Paw Prints®

Editor’s note: Visit Mammoth, the tourism destination marketing organization for Mammoth Lakes, was one of the first DogTrekker partners to sign on to our Leave Only Paw Prints initiative, a program we began shortly after our launch in 2011. Leave Only Paw Prints® is a set of values and a way of life 
We take a holistic approach to protecting pups and park access across California, suggesting simple tips for thoughtful dog travel. In addition to minimizing the impact on wildlife and natural habitats, we create a safety net for pups. That’s especially important when you visit unfamiliar trails and beaches.

Protecting both your dog and the environment is easy. Check out our six Leave Only Paw Prints® values as you plan your next adventure—whether you’re walking down the block or trekking in new terrain. Thanks to Visit Mammoth for supporting this important work.


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