Meet Maya, New Director of Barketing™

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dave, Roxanne, and Maya

By Roxanne & Dave Kendrick, Co-founders of

The story of Kayla,’s late and much missed Director of Barketing, was one of the best-read newsletter stories of 2016. Thanks to all our readers who read her story and sent their best wishes. It’s been more than six months since Kayla crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and time for us to find our next furr-ever dog. We are excited to introduce her to all of you.

picture of kayla
Kayla passes the leash off to Maya

We raised Kayla from a puppy after getting her from a reputable breeder, some eight years before we launched Even though we were aware of and often donated to rescue groups, we didn't know about the magnitude of the problems with over-breeding, lack of spaying and neutering, and the fact that millions of dogs were being euthanized every year in shelters. Then we met the wonderful founders and volunteers at hundreds of California shelters, rescue and adoption organizations. We witnessed their selfless work firsthand, and were enlightened.

Maya hiking in San Rafael, CA
Maya on her office lunch break

Meet Maya, a 5-year old, 70-pound English Labrador retriever recently adopted from Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue. Maya hailed from dog-crazy Carmel and was surrendered after her owner passed away. As with any dog being rehomed, Maya came to us with some issues. She is a bit tough on the leash and very nervous when riding in the car—not the best situation for a company and family constantly on the road. On the flip side, she gets along great with dogs large and small, dog people and not, even in uniforms. She doesn’t bark excessively and doesn’t beg for food, which isn’t very “Lab-like” at all.

Maya, the Director of Barketing at home
First night at home!

When Judy Kreger, Founder and CEO of Monterey Bay Lab Rescue, sent us pictures of Maya, we were a bit hesitant—older but not that old? Large but not too large? Car anxiety? Leash issues? But something in her eyes—it’s always in the eyes—spoke to both of us. Everything else, we knew, could be handled with training. So we decided to take a trip to Maya’s foster home in Santa Cruz, and it was love at first sight. We left shortly after and brought Maya to her new home.

Maya at The Fairmont San Jose
Maya at The Fairmont San Jose, enjoying her first DogCation

In the month and a half that Maya has been with us, we took our first hike on San Pedro Mountain above the Marin Civic Center, spent our first DogCation at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel, dined outdoors at Straits in Santana Row, met other DogTrekkers at the Bay Area Pet Expo, and took Maya on her first waterfall hike to Cataract Falls in the Marin Municipal Water District lands adjacent to Mount Tamalpais.

Maya also graces offices regularly, where she hangs out with her new, much-younger boyfriend, Humphrey, a 2-year-old, 90-pound pit-Lab mix.

Maya and Humphrey

When hiking the other day on a Marin County Parks trail near a senior citizens' home, Maya came across a small dog that was being walked by an elderly lady. The woman said the dog was totally blind, but if Maya was careful, she could get close. Maya wagged up to the pup and gave him a kiss on the nose. That day, Maya proved that she was ready to step into her official role as’s new Director of Barketing!

Maya at Cataract Falls

Maya will see you this summer as she travels the great dog-passionate state of California, at adoptathons and dog shows we sponsor and online at Maya on the Move.


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