New home for Family Dog Rescue

By: Roger Coryell
Rescue dog
Photo by Family Dog Rescue

Family Dog Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving homeless dogs a second chance, has just announced its relocation from San Francisco to Sonoma, California. This move will allow them to provide even more care, education, and loving homes to dogs in need.

Founder Angela Padilla, a young mother who battled breast cancer, started volunteering at San Francisco’s public shelter, walking and socializing with dogs. After becoming a foster parent, she realized the transformative power of the love of dogs and launched Family Dog Rescue as a way to help dogs through behavioral training and other programs.

The organization prides itself on welcoming dogs of all kinds, from puppies to adults, mixed breeds, purebreds, and those with disabilities. Once a dog enters the program, they are given medical care, vaccinations, and temperament analysis. Then, they are provided with enrichment and socialization to prepare them for their new family.

What sets Family Dog Rescue apart is their personalized adoption process. Rather than using a formulaic checklist, they evaluate potential adopters on an individual basis to ensure that the dog will be a good fit for the family’s lifestyle and personality.

“We’re so excited to be in Sonoma and have the chance to make a difference for even more dogs,” says board member Howie Bartz. “Our dogs are some of the most loving and grateful animals you will ever come across. It’s a sad misconception that shelter dogs are somehow ‘broken’ or that there’s something wrong with them. In reality, they just need someone to give them a chance.”

In addition to providing homes for dogs in need, Family Dog Rescue also advocates for responsible dog ownership and aims to end unregulated backyard breeding and the sale of puppy mill dogs.

With plans to expand into Santa Fe, New Mexico, Family Dog Rescue shows no signs of slowing down in their mission to provide care, medical treatment, loving homes, and second chances for deserving pets. For more information on how you can help, visit their website at


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