Paradise for water dogs

By: DogTrekker Staff
yellow lab swims in lake reader Jan N. alerted us to a secluded public dog-friendly beach that she and her dog Angel discovered on the way home from a camping trip to Lake Tahoe:

Donner Lake dog beach
Dog paradise! Photo by Jan N.

“On the way home from camping at Lake Tahoe earlier this summer, I visited Donner Lake with my dog Angel. The State Park Aide told me dogs could access the portion of the lake that runs along the paved walking path on the South side.Angel

While exploring that area, I met some people who told me about a secluded public dog park beach on the eastern end of the lake. Everyone I ran into knew about the dog park beach. You really can’t miss it. Just follow the dogs!

trail to Donner Lake beach

After a short wooded walk from S. Shore Drive (or Donner Pass Road if you don’t have a State Park Pass), we were in water dog heaven! This is a sandy beach with shallow water stretching out into the lake. People and their dogs were swimming, tossing and retrieving balls, and basking in the warm sun.

What a beautiful sight! This beach is now a must stop on my annual trip to Tahoe.”

Thank you, Jan, for sharing your adventures with us.

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Last updated on April 24, 2024.


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