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By: DogTrekker Staff


"Our philosophy with older pets is like this," says Scott Delucchi of Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, "They give us so many good years. When they enter their twilight years, it's our turn to give back and be there for them until the very end when they need our love, patience and compassion most."

Kensey here
is a senior at 10 years old, but as you'll see from this video of her frolicking in Peninsula Humane's innovative indoor dog park, she's still got plenty of energy. Found wandering as a stray in La Honda, this 10-year-old black and tan coonhound has made many friends at Peninsula Humane due to her sweet, outgoing personality, and now seeks an active retirement home. As any fan of hounds will attest, they can be stubborn, vocal, and have a strong prey drive for small animals; Kensey is no exception, so a hound-experienced and cat-free home would be ideal for her. She'd also love a big fenced yard to explore.

Kensey is just one of many hopeful dogs awaiting their forever home at Peninsula Humane's Tom & Annette Lantos Center for Compassion, a state-of-the-art facility in Burlingame that now houses all the adoptable canines in comfy, dorm-like rooms. Its indoor dog park offers much-needed exercise opportunities to pooches waiting for a home, as well as a place for them to meet, greet, and hang out with potential adopters.

While you're there visiting Kensey and her friends, check out the other areas of the Center, devoted to everything from kitty play to wildlife rehabilitation, as well as lots of kid-friendly fun and humane education.


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