Practical and portable

By: DogTrekker Staff
black pug in window of red car
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez.

We mentioned the dog who hit the gear-shift knob while the car was going 70. Lesson learned: Loose dogs can pose a danger to drivers. Not every vehicle can accommodate a cumbersome crate, and if yours can’t, the next best thing is an Auto Zip-Line. This clever device, which comes with a harness, attaches between any two fixed points to keep Rover safely contained in the back seat. (Now that he’s pacing the upholstery, it makes sense to invest in a pet seat cover.)

Another nifty accessory for pooches traveling with their people: the Buddy Bowl, a non-spill dog waterer whose three-piece, funnel-like construction allows just a small amount of liquid at a time to seep into the drinking chamber. It’s perfect for use in hotel rooms—and for any dog who thinks a water bowl is just one more place to dig.


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