Puppy love

By: DogTrekker Staff
Boston terrier running with frisbee in mouth
Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo.

How to make sure your socks (or couch, hot-tub cover, etc.) don’t end up as confetti when there’s a puppy in the house? There are no guarantees it comes to little ones, but a classic Kong toy, when stuffed with peanut butter or other treats, can keep Buffy occupied for hours. There’s simply no piece of equipment better for needle-sharp puppy teeth, and Kong love easily carries over into adulthood. New from Kong this year are Wubba interactive tug-and-toss toys, which squeak and are equipped with kite-like tails for better ballistics. Use indoors at your own risk… and always, always keep an eye on your socks.

On the “what a good idea!” front, we’ve seen several things this month that led us into temptation. One is a wooden crate that doubles as an end table, saving floor space in cramped quarters. Another is the Aqua Dog water bottles, a stainless steel canister with a ball bearing in the top that controls water flow when held upside down. Both were spotted, along with a lot of other cool products from Dog is Good, at one of the new Unleashed by PetCo stores popping up in Sacramento and Bay Area neighborhoods.


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