Tahoe Splash: Dog-friendly things to do in Tahoe

By: DogTrekker Staff
Two dogs and woman in Tahoe

Looking for dog-friendly things to do in Tahoe this summer? Go for a beach romp, a hike or a tram ride—or, go to camp with Wild Blue Dogs! Summer is high season at Northern California’s favorite vacation destination, and it’s a paradise for dog lovers. Here are some tried and true DogTrekker tips on how to enjoy Big Blue with your four-legged sidekick.

• If you’re at the lake, you want to at least dip your toes and paws into the water, right? We’ve curated some dog-friendly ways to do that. Here’s how to make a splash at North Lake Tahoe and find beach bliss on south shore strands.

• Hiking, you say? The options are endless. We’ve highlighted a few here, but there are many more dog-friendly trails to consider. Want something tame but educational? Take a walk through Tallac Historic Site to get a feel for how the hoi palloi spent their summers in the late 1800s.

• About that tram ride: Palisades Tahoe operates its iconic tram in summer, whisking two-legged and four-legged riders on a 10-minute ascent to High Camp, where a swimming pool, hot tub, bar, restaurant and miles of hiking trails await. The ride is $39 per adult (pool complex costs extra) but you can also hike up and down for free via the steep but scenic Shirley Canyon Trail (3.6 miles, 2,000-foot elevation gain).

• So how does the thought of spending a week with your dog at Lake Tahoe sound? Wild Blue Dog, a nonprofit benefiting canine cancer treatment and research, offers two camp sessions a year where dog lovers can spend time with like-minded souls (human and canine) and enjoy instruction in many activities, including swimming, paddle-boarding and kayaking with your pup. Next up is a Sept. 6-12 session taking place at a 4H facility on 33 securely fenced acres on the southeast (Nevada) side of the lake. Meals, training and on-site lodging in shared cabins are part of the all-inclusive package priced at $1,800 per dog/human pair.


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