The Doggone Best Gift

By: DogTrekker Staff
Doggie Doll House
Bark Hopkins – A Full Service Doggie Hotel.

Here’s a unique idea – create your own personal dog-themed craft project for those crazy dog lovers on your list.

Canine Doll’s Chief Barketing Officer, Kayla (and co-founders Roxanne and Dave Kendrick) just received a wonderful gift from one of our best dog-passionate buddies, Jeri Lynch. Jeri took a two-room dollhouse and built the Bark Hopkins Hotel, a DogTrekker Resort. It comes complete with pictures of Kayla on the wall, dogs sleeping in the guest quarters and eating at the bar with the Canine Cable Network in the background. Jeri made a doggie menu for the restaurant as well as created different holiday themed cards that can be switched out in the window.
Roof of a doll house
To top it off (literally), the roof is covered with famous quotes about dogs. Our favorite is "If dogs don't go to heaven, when I die I want to go where they go," by Will Rogers.

The Kendricks feel that this masterpiece is what's possible when you couple creativity and the love of dogs.  

Your local craft or dollhouse shop has all of the necessary ingredients to build your own.

Dog house Dog house size of doll house


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