Wednesday Woofable: Steadfast Friends

By: DogTrekker Staff
dog silhouette iphone case

It’s no secret that I love my dog, and I love to proclaim that love in many different ways. So continuing with the multitude of ways I can show how happy I am to have a four-legged companion today’s Wednesday Woofable helps do just that. Steadfast Friends has created awesome iPhone cases and temporary tattoos of dog silhouettes, and even better, 10% of all revenue goes to the Canine Charity of your choice!

dog silhouette iphone caseI can’t tell you how excited I was to stumble upon Steadfast Friends the other day especially because my current iPhone case had finally decided to self-destruct…now I know my next case; it’s the Beagle silhouette of course! I think I might have to try the temporary tatoos too. There are over 100 breed silhouettes to choose from, so you are sure to find your special dog. The cases come with black or white backgrounds with the opposite color silhouette, some of the breeds have red backgrounds with black silhouettes. The temporary tattoos are 5 to a pack.

Steadfast Friends products are designed to allow you to honor your dog and as a family owned business they understand that we have an obligation to honor not just our own furry friends but those in need to. It is this idea that was the impetus for their give back program. What is unique about the program is that 10% of the revenue from the website, not just the profits is donated to the charity you choose.

Honor your dog and help other canines in need-head over to Steadfast Friends now!  What silhouette will you choose? 

dog silhouette iphone case

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