Wednesday Woofable: Duke and Winston

By: DogTrekker Staff

bulldog in hoodieToday's Wednesday Woofable is all about understated style and fashion, for your dog and you! Duke & Winston is a casual menswear line based in Philadelphia that also has a limited dog line, and we are smitten. Founded in 2009 by Sean Olubodun and his English bulldog, HRH The Duke (I mean how can you not already love them!) the line, both for humans and their four-legged companions favors practicality and refinement over fly by night trends. 

white polo shirtblue zip up hoodie

From polo-shirts and hoodies sporting a small embroidered bulldog, to t-shirts with exceptional vintage style graphics and ties this casual line is one to take a peek at.

leather collars and leashes

brown leather collarFor the four-legged shopper, the leather collars and leads are hand made in Philadelphia from English bridle leather and will definitely let your pooch make a quiet statement. Add to that cozy fleece hoodies featuring the Duke & Winston Top Hat logo as well as a smattering of dog beds on the way and both you and your dog will be as happy as a hen in a henhouse. 

Order online at Duke & Winston or check out their list of stockists today!

Duke & Winston Logo

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