Wild Blue Dog Camp

By: DogTrekker Staff
Does it break your heart to leave your best buddy behind when it comes to vacation planning? Then your vacation dream has come true! Wild Blue Dogs is hosting two amazing camps this summer in gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Wild Blue Dogs is a non-profit organization raising awareness and funding for canine cancer treatment.
Bailey at Wild Blue Dog Camp
Wild Blue Dogs will be hosting two week-long dog camps on the South Lake Tahoe waterfront, in a fenced, 33-acre campground. Wild Blue dog camps offer a full schedule of fun, training and camaraderie in activities ranging from agility and kayaking to nose work and dog photography. All activities and classes are taught by certified and professional trainers, and hikes are led by experienced trail guides. The choices are diverse, ranging from hiking to tricks, rally, recall, tracking, water sports, fun & easy training methods and more.
Dock Diving
Dock Diving

Camp sessions can be all-inclusive with meals and lodging or arrange your own offsite lodging and enjoy our meals and activities.

Coursing at Wild Blue Dog Camp
Register Early and Save!
Several price points for Wild Blue camps are offered, depending on lodging choice.
Arne and Bentley
Arne and Bentley at Wild Blue Dog Camp
What is Wild Blue Dogs?
Cancer is the number one killer of dogs. Six million dogs will be diagnosed this year alone and most will die within the year. Wild Blue’s need-based treatment program offers grants to people lacking the resources to pay for their pet’s cancer treatment. Fundraising activities include two, week-long dog camps plus other fun get-togethers throughout the year. Wild Blue Dogs supports research in comparative oncology, which is focused on the link between cancer in dogs and cancer in humans. By finding ways to treat dogs we are also finding the most promising advances in treatment, including new drug therapy, gene therapy, immune system therapies, bone marrow transplants and advanced surgical techniques.

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