Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue 2018

If you're seeking a calm, easygoing companion for your road trips who's also happy to just hang out with you around the house, look no further than 6-year-old Charlie, who's seeking a new home through the adoption program at Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue.  This guy has a mild demeanor, pays attention, and likes to please. When out and about, he just wants to get along with everybody, human and canine. When barked at by more excitable dogs, Charlie keeps his cool. Hey, he even gets along with cats! Read more.

Chasing cascades in the Bay Area

Sunol Regional Wilderness. Photo by Kevin Noble.
From easy family hikes to certified huffer-puffers, the hills and streams of the San Francisco Bay Area are at their voluptuous best in spring. Read more.

Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue 2017

Meet the lovely Rex, the perfect companion for your DogTreks and family outings. He's a big, happy guy, who gets along great with people, dogs…and cats too! He's your guy for fetch, hikes, beach trips, and beyond. When it's time to chill at home, his house manners are excellent, and he sleeps all night in his crate. This three-year-old German shepherd dog is currently enjoying the hospitality of a foster home in Lake County, thanks to Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue, but he's looking for his own family. Read more.

Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue 2016

Every day a family in the Bay Area contacts Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue to get help rehoming their German Shepherd Dog. Perhaps surprisingly, BAGSR volunteer Rob Holloway says this is a good thing, because the dog will be safe and BAGSR can help. Read more.

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