Photo by Tonia Kraakman on Pexels.

Dogs love a good waterfall, especially if it involves a hike!

Dog-friendly beauty at Bridalveil Fall

Sunrise over Yosemite Valley.
Bridalveil Fall is beautiful to behold and famously photo-friendly in the spring. The sound of water splashing and crashing against rocks creates an immersive experience as you approach the waterfall.  Read more.

Furry friends love Lower Yosemite Falls

Photo by Barna Tanko |
Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America and the sixth tallest in the world. DogTrekkers are especially fond of Lower Yosemite Falls, which is easily accessible for humans and hounds via a one-mile loop trail.  Read more.

Spring in Yosemite: Spectacular waterfalls!

Duke at Yosemite. Photo by @dukethechocolatelab.
Spring in Yosemite is incredible this year with bigger and more beautiful spectacular waterfalls, and no reservations needed! California dog parents are perfectly positioned for a visit. Mariposa County and Yosemite National Park are an easy drive from just about anywhere in the state. Head out to enjoy Yosemite’s magnificent waterfalls.   Read more.

Plumas County: Majestic peaks and pup-friendly trails

Plumas County extends along the southeast corner of the Shasta Cascade region, midway between Mount Lassen and Lake Tahoe. National forest covers more than 75% of this scenic county, with meadows, canyons, ridges and lakes that offer views of Sierra Nevada and Cascade peaks.  Read more.

Ruff-ing it in Shasta County

Hiking dog-friendly Whiskeytown Falls trails. Photo by Choose Redding.
The community of Redding anchors Shasta County, and it's the gateway to recreational opportunities across the Shasta Cascade region. Set  Read more.

Plan a spring reset in the Shasta Cascade region

Middle McCloud Falls, Siskiyou County, Upstate California.
Turn travel dreams into real itineraries with the all-new Your ultimate go-to guide for dog-friendly California adventure sparks inspiration while spotlighting destinations like the Shasta Cascade region (aka Upstate CA). This eight-county playground has more than a dozen national and state parks, plus countless trails, lakes, fishing streams, restaurants and hotels that welcome pu  Read more.

Yosemite in Winter

Normally, waterfall season at Yosemite National Park doesn’t peak until May. But this year’s light snow pack and unusually warm weather have teased Mother Nature into an earlier schedule.  Read more.

Auburn’s Hidden Falls

DogTrekkers who have discovered the delights of Hidden Falls Regional Park a few miles off Interstate 80 near Auburn soon will have more to bark about this dog-friendly location. This spring, the curtain will come up on an expansion that takes the foothills preserve from 221 to 1,200 acres and extends the multi-use trail system from 7 to 30 miles.  Read more.

See You in Siskiyou

Photo by U.S. Forest Service.
Heading north from Redding, DogTrekkers will find an abundance of Fido-friendly hike, splash, play and stay choices—too many for just one trip. Mount Shasta City, nestled at the foot of the imposing, 14,162-foot volcanic peak of the same name, makes a great base for a getaway.  Read more.

Side trips from Tahoe

Donner Lake.
If you're heading to or from Tahoe from Sacramento and the Bay Area on Highway 50, consider a half-day outing on Echo Lake,  Read more.

Horsing around

Who on the way up to Tahoe hasn't caught a glimpse of Horsetail Falls, the spectacular, 800-foot cataract visible from Highway 50 at Twin Bridges? The half-day trek to the lower falls  Read more.

Water dog heaven!

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