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California’s legendary, dog-friendly landscapes draw millions of pet parents and pups every year. The Golden State promises extraordinary adventures, whether you’re splashing in alpine lakes along Sierra trails or playing fetch in the neighborhood park. It’s our duty to protect these mountains, trails, beaches, parks and urban playgrounds, which is why we’ve built stewardship and sustaina  Read more.

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Photo by Livermore Police Department.
In Northern California, more than four dozen abused Chihuahuas have been rescued from a hoarder’s home. 50 dogs were rescued from “dirty conditions” in December at a man’s home in … Continued  Read more.

Pet Insurance: Where Do You Draw The Line?

For DogTrekking friends of ours, a weekend hike ended up costing much more than the tank of gas it took to get to the trailhead. Unbeknownst to them, Smooch, their shaggy shepherd mix, was penetrated by a grass awn (also known as foxtail) that entered her ear canal. Antibiotics couldn’t kick the abscess that resulted, and surgery was required. The overall price tag: $6,000. No matter how mu  Read more.

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