Briceburg Hiking Trail West

Briceburg Hiking Trail West

Distance: 5 miles
Elevation: 1,166 ft.
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 3 hrs.
Begin at: Briceburg Bridge

The Merced River runs next to the Briceburg hiking trail west, providing the melody of rushing water and occasionally, you will see rafts and kayaks floating along the river. The steep rocky sides of the canyon and the flora and fauna of the four seasons make this an excellent place to walk.

For hikers, drive the first five miles of Briceburg Road and hike from the parking area. Dogs on leashes are welcome at Briceburg.

Hiking Directions: When you reach the gate after driving five miles, walk around it to the right and continue a short distance until you reach the bridge. Zigzag through the opening at the right and continue walking as far as you want. The trail is a road for about half a mile but very few cars use it.

The turn-around point is about 2.5 miles from the gate and you will see a cement structure on the riverbank with a trail that goes down beside it. You may continue on this trail for a longer walk, but this is the normal turn-around point for this particular hike. If you look to your right, it is said that this trail leads to a waterfall, but in places, it is very steep and narrow.

For a similar trail, try “Briceburg toward Yosemite.”

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