County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter

County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter

The County of Santa Clara Animal Services Center is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of animals in their communities. They take in about 4,000 animals each year, from pot-bellied pigs to parakeets.

They strive to reunite lost pets with their families while finding homes for those still in need. They facilitate adoptions and engage volunteers who share their mission.

Santa Clara Animal Services cares for the sick and injured and reduces pet overpopulation through affordable spay and neuter services. Theyinvestigate complaints, cruelty, and neglect. They also rescue livestock in-need and assist with injured wildlife.

In addition, they serve people and animals in a disaster. Four-legged, feathered, hooved, horned—they help them all, proudly standing as a “no-kill” shelter since 2013. 

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