Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company

Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company

Open to the public during business hours for to-go growler fills and package sales. Beer Garden Friday is craft beer, live music, food trucks and a social good time for one and all (dogs included).

Devil's Canyon Brewing Company was established in 2001 in Belmont, CA, the name derived from the original title given to the canyon which runs through Belmont and San Carlos, la Cañada del Diablo, by Spanish settlers in the 18th century.

Pioneering the Bay Area craft beer movement in the beginning of the 21st century through innovation, sustainable production and a never-quit spirit, they produced only 1,500 barrels of beer a year and were the largest self-distributed brewery on the West Coast. What was true then is true now: people love flavorful beer!

Today, after relocation and expansion to neighboring city San Carlos, Devil's Canyon Brewing Company produces over 10,000 barrels a year and are distributed both domestically and internationally.

Over 8,000 people come to the brewery every month for public and private events. You are invited to come to the Taproom on Fridays to see what Devil's Canyon Brewing is all about.

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