diVittorio Winery

diVittorio Winery

This boutique winery is located in the Sierra Foothills. They have used a traditional wine making process since the diVittorio family immigrated to America in 1904. The commercial winery opened in 2011.

El Dorado County fruits are used to produce fine red wines, fruit wines and ports. A small on-site still is used to produce the distillate that is the brandy composing the port wines and soon to come California Calvados.

The wines and brandy are aged in oak barrels in the stable environment of a cave for at least 2 years before bottling.

diVittorio wines and ports have won gold, silver and bronze medals in State, County and out of town competitions. While the winery is located on a residential property in Camino, the tasting room is located at the Camino Wine Plaza.

Please check winery website for days and hours of operation.