Finnon Lake Campground

Finnon Lake Campground

The Finnon Lake and Recreation Area (FLRA) began its restoration to a natural watershed just a few years ago.

Finnon Lake is being filled to its original capacity of 350 acre-feet (about 55 acres in size) while enhancing fishery and aquatic habitats, improving wetland habitats and upland forests.

The project is being made possible through a Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grant Program.

You'll have two options to get to the lake. One allows you to drive over the oldest suspension bridge in the State. It's narrow, one car at a time, and the scenic river and canyon below makes it all the worth-while. The other is a bit longer, but necessary if you're towing a trailer, or in a RV.

Dog policies and amenities often change season to season, so be sure to call for the latest updates.

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