Frog Pond Trail

Frog Pond Trail

The Frog Pond Trail hike takes you through oak woodlands to a small pond. The pond is said to have some very large frogs living in and around its shores. The hike gives you some fabulous views of Cortina Ridge, Glascock Mountain, and stunning Blue Oak woodlands.

The trail is five miles long, and lassos around, forming a nice partial loop. One of the best short hikes in the region. If you are there on a hot day in early summer, take a dip in the frog pond.

From Yolo County, Woodland and Davis, take Highway 16 up the Capay Valley. Once you pass the town of Rumsey, you begin to enter the Cache Creek Canyon. The road will narrow and you will be driving with the creek on one side and the canyon walls on the other. When you see the sign for the Cache Creek Regional Park, Lower Site, on your left, turn into the parking area.

From the Lower Site, look for Rayhouse Road/Road 40. You cannot drive on the road at present (for safety reasons), so you’ll have to hike, bike, or horseback ride up the road, past the gate, and down to the low-water bridge. Cross the bridge and continue up the road until you come to a stone house and barn. The Frog Pond trailhead will be about a tenth of a mile past the stone house. The trailhead is marked with a sign.

• Dogs on leash welcome
• Please clean up after your dog