Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

A short meander down to the hollow of the canyon exposes the 3 acre Laurel Canyon Off-Leash Dog Park – the City’s original dog park.

This spacious park includes benches, chairs and a large shade structure allowing for a relaxing day and a pleasant romp for your dog. Whether you seek a secluded area or want to hob nob with the big dogs, there’s something for everyone. A separate area for small or timid dogs is available. For safety, food is not allowed in the Dog Park. 

Please remember to abide by Dog Park rules so that everyone, even our canine friends, can enjoy the park.

Dog Park Features:Tables, benches, drinking fountain, handicap access, parking for up to 35 cars, portable restroom facility. This park also includes an enclosed children’s play area adjacent to the small or timid dog area. Sorry no animals allowed in children’s play area.

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