Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets is a family-owned business in Big Bear Lake, boasting three decades of grooming expertise passed down through generations and fueled by a profound love for animals. Their dedication to caring for dogs stems from a genuine affection for their furry companions.

Pampered Pets prioritizes the comfort and well-being of pets by exclusively utilizing room temperature dryers and hypoallergenic shampoo during grooming sessions, ensuring only the finest products are used. Additionally, they accommodate special needs appointments for elderly and aggressive dogs recognizing the importance of catering to their unique requirements with patience and understanding.

With a commitment to fostering positive grooming experiences, Pampered Pets employs gentle techniques, including tender baby talk and affection, to instill a sense of comfort and joy in their furry clients. Offering budget-friendly $5 maintenance services between grooming sessions, they aim to facilitate ongoing pet care.

Furthermore, Pampered Pets welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes, including aggressive ones, for an additional fee, promising to shower them with love in the hopes of nurturing improvement over time. Pampered Pets eagerly awaits the opportunity to work their magic and provide top-notch grooming services.

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