Smart’s Christmas Tree Farm

Smart’s Christmas Tree Farm

We feature 4 varieties of Christmas Trees; Silver Tip, Nobel Fir, White Fir and Douglas Fir over 14 picturestic gentle acres. Each species is priced accordingly, our prices are for any height tree. We have trees up to 25 to 30 ft tall.

Our tree farm is a little different from the rest of the farms. We plant new trees each year. We do not do stump culture, so the tree you purchase has grown approximately 8-20 years, depending on the species.

We cut all our Christmas trees at ground level, so when you see a 10 foot tree, it really is a 10 foot tree. You don't have to leave any branches for stump culture.

The founder of this farm, Ellis Smart (a professional forester) knew that this method of growing would produce the highest quality Christmas Trees available.

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