The Tailwaggers Foundation

The Tailwaggers Foundation

The Tailwaggers Foundation provides funding to qualified 501c non-profit organizations who supply life saving treatment to sick and injured animals.

The Tailwaggers name itself pays homage to the Tailwaggers Club, a charity created in 1929 England. Its purpose was for the advancement of animal welfare. The club grew quickly, acting as both a pet registry and a philanthropic community.

In 1929, Bette Davis put the organization on the map in the U.S. when she was elected as president of Southern California's branch. Her dedication to animal welfare was a powerful force for raising awareness. In fact, LIFE magazine covered one of her fund raising events, which enlisted the support of generous donors like Howard Hughes and Walt Disney.

The Club continued on through the Second World War and in 1960, Spillers Pet Food bought the club assets and registered a charitable trust – The Tailwaggers Club Trust – to administer these funds.

This "old-Hollywood" sense of community action that The Tailwaggers Club embodied is legacy that The Tailwaggers Foundation is proud to carry forward.

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