Tulare County Animal Services

Tulare County Animal Services

The Tulare Animal Services Sheltering Facility is an open admissions shelter serving the community of Tulare and other contract cities.

The shelter takes in stray, injured, sick, vicious, biting and surrendered animals from the public and field services. During the animals stay at the shelter, staff, provides humane care, exercise, and assessments in attempts to find permanent placement for adoptable animals. The shelter has veterinarian oversight to ensure the animal's medical needs are met.

All animal licensing for rabies control is processed out of the shelter. Payments for licensing can be mailed in or paid in person.

Tulare Animal Services has a variety of adoptable animals at any given time. You are always welcome to come in and see if your next family member is there.

Adoptions include the following:
• Spay and Neuter
• Microchip
• Rabies Vaccine
• Standard vaccines while in shelter care
• City of Tulare residents get a 1 yr license

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