Dogwood Animal Rescue

By: DogTrekker Staff
Black dog at Dogwood Animal Rescue

In 2015, some dedicated animal lovers and veteran rescuers looked around at the state of things in Sonoma County and thought, what can we do to help? Dogwood Animal Rescue was born, with the mission to provide support to animals by rescuing, rehoming and helping animals in need of spay and neuter, and providing education about animal welfare to the community. Since then, all-volunteer Dogwood has made a life-saving difference to hundreds of dogs and cats, whether by giving them a safety net when they lost their homes, delivering medical care to critters in need, and providing free or low cost spay/neuters to underserved rural areas in the county.

Dogwood takes the non-judgmental view when it comes to helping animals whose humans can't help them. "Life happens," says board member Hannah Houston, "and if your goal is to help the animals, it's not helpful to guilt or harass their humans. Dedicated volunteer fosters take in the dog who needs a haven, get to know her true personality, and work to find the perfectly matched home."

Currently enjoying life in their foster home are scruffy little Bobo (10) and Gilda (7), who lived together their whole lives until their owner died. Their foster reports: "Probably the easiest dogs I’ve ever had, including my own! It’s going to be the lucky person(s) that get these gems." Available together or separately, these two are affectionate, lively seniors who enjoy company and outings, as well as a good snuggle. They're waiting to meet you!

Photo Courtesy: Dogwood Animal Rescue