Great Dane Rescue of Northern California

By: DogTrekker Staff
Great Dane in forest
Photo by Paparazzi Ratzfatzzi.

Great Dane Rescue of Northern California stands ready to act as a safety net for these lovable giants, whether it’s a matter of landing in a shelter, developing medical issues because their people don’t understand large-breed nutritional issues, or ending up in some other fix.

Like sweet Athena, who needs a foster or adoptive home fast. She’s a healthy old lady, but her owner developed issues and abandoned her at the vet’s. Or Max, who ended up homeless when his owner passed away but is having fun with his foster sibs while awaiting the perfect spot.

With volunteers and supporters all around Northern California, Great Dane Rescue works to understand the dogs in its care, as well as their would-be adopters, to ensure happy long-term relationships between the big dogs and the big-hearted people who love them.


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