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By: Jessica Bay
happy senior german shepherd lies on grass
Sara woofs her appreciation. Photo by Lily’s Legacy.

Let’s fund saving senior dogs!

At DogTrekker, we’re guided by one simple mission: Leave no dog behind. We support rescue and adoption animal welfare organizations – including Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary in Petaluma, which finds homes for large-breed senior dogs, and San Francisco’s Muttville, serving senior and special needs dogs – to build a better world for all four-legged friends.

That’s why we’re thrilled to launch a new DogTrekker Challenge benefitting Saving Senior Dogs Week. This dog-gone good campaign raises awareness and funds for more than 30 senior dog rescues nationwide, including nine groups here in California. DogTrekker will kick off the drive by donating $1,000 during this year’s Saving Senior Dogs Week, October 24-31. Please join us and help organizers reach their $75,000 goal!

Image of senior golden retriever with text that reads "Saving Senior Dogs Week"

Senior Dogs Face Real Obstacles

Lily’s Legacy established Saving Senior Dogs Week in 2019 to illuminate the plight of older dogs. Because of the strong response to Saving Senior Dogs Week, in 2022, Saving Senior Dogs USA was launched to provide year-round information about the needs of homeless senior dogs and the resources available to help them through senior dog rescues across the USA. Saving Senior Dogs Week has now become the annual fundraiser for Saving Senior Dogs USA.

Our wise furry friends are the least likely to be rescued and adopted, and they’re at greater risk of being euthanized if they land in shelters. Across the U.S., some 14,000 rescue groups serve dogs. However, less than 40 of them focus on the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of senior animals.

The COVID-19 crisis intensified these issues. The Humane Society says 10 million pets could be displaced by pandemic-era evictions. The ASPCA estimates that 4.2 million pets, including many senior dogs, could be given up if their people experience poverty.

Bubba thanks you. Photo by Lily’s Legacy.

Why Your Support Matters

Senior dogs have walked our kids to school, alerted us to danger, accompanied us on adventures and buried a bone or three. They give their whole hearts to their people, yet they’re the hardest to place once those people aren’t around. 

They say that every dog has its day. Senior dogs deserve even more. Funds raised during this year’s Saving Senior Dogs Week, followed by National Adopt a Senior Pet Month in November, sustain the amazing local organizations serving these beloved animals every day. 

Join DogTrekker and give today! Your donation connects vulnerable older dogs with care, companionship and loving forever homes. 


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