Much Ado About Mushrooms

By: DogTrekker Staff

Mushrooms on a forest floorSpring rains (and even lawn sprinklers) bring forth mushrooms that pop up in your yard or spring from grasses alongside your favorite trail. Many a dog has been known to nibble on them. The problem is, many kinds of mushrooms are toxic to canines.

Symptoms of mushroom toxicity appear 30 minutes to four hours after ingestion and can include weakness, nausea, euphoria and seizures. Internal damage to your pet can range from liver failure to lifelong seizure activity.

All wild mushrooms should be regarded as toxic. If you suspect that your dog has eaten one, take him to the veterinarian ASAP. If possible, bring a sample of the mushroom wrapped in a damp paper towel and placed in a plastic bag. The sooner your pet receives treatment, the better the outcome. If this is left untreated, death can result.

—Thanks to Marin Pet Hospital’s Bill Barboni, DMV, and Chris Pitts, RMV, for this tip. Read the extended text here.

Posted 4/26/12


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